Bryce Harper’s Wife Receives Hilarious DM From Woman Trying To Hit On The Baseball Player

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

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If you’re going to slide into Bryce Harper’s direct messages, you probably shouldn’t blow your cover by messaging his wife.

A woman messaged the player’s wife a suggestive photo instead of messaging the Phillies baseball star, according to a report published Monday by the New York Post.

The woman sent a picture of herself and wrote, “Hey handsome I’m Jordan I’m just trying to be ya stress reliever.” Kayla Harper shared the photo to her Instagram stories.

“If you’re going to try & go after a married man the least you could do is be smart enough to message his Instagram account and not his wife’s,” Kayla wrote. “@bryceharper3 are you feeling stressed? I have your solution.” (RELATED: Bryce Harper Will Reportedly Make $45,000 For Every At Bat)

If you’re going to shoot your shot, you have to do it right. This girl was dumb enough to think she had a shot with Bryce and then proved she was dumb by DM-ing his wife instead of him.

I think Kayla was a good sport about the whole ordeal. I’m surprised at how nonchalant Kayla is about a woman attempting to seduce her husband. Bryce and her must joke about all the women that hit on him daily. She must not feel threatened often. Good for her.