Maximum Security Owner To Appeal Kentucky Derby Ruling

(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

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Maximum Security owner Gary West is appealing Saturday’s shocking Kentucky Derby ruling, where his horse was disqualified after finishing the race in first place.

West appeared on NBC’s “Today Show” Monday morning to state his case. (RELATED: Here Are The Odds For The Kentucky Derby)

West ripped into Churchill Downs, calling it a “greedy organization,” and claimed that the high number of horses competing is what caused Maximum Security’s bump that lead to his horse’s disqualification and long-shot horse Country House’s bizarre victory.

“Just because they can make more money, they’re willing to risk horses’ lives and people’s lives to do that,” West said. “I’m not a fan of that.”

“It’s like a rodeo out there,” he continued.

Twenty horses ran in this year’s Kentucky Derby compared to the 14 that run in most races on the track, including the Kentucky Oats. It’s hard to disagree with what West is saying here. Having that many horses run makes life significantly harder for both the jockey and the animal. (RELATED: Rob Gronkowski Buys Stake In A Horse Named Gronk Who’s Destined For The Derby [Video])

When pressed on the letter of the law, West did not back down and reiterated his opposition to Maximum Security’s disqualification.

“The thing that is kind of mystifying to me is that the stewards were either looking at a high-definition television or looking at it with binoculars,” West said. “Our horse was in the lead the entire way around.”

West correctly points out a flaw in instant replay. Regardless of the sport, you can never completely eliminate human error no matter how hard you try.

West is also correct in saying that Maximum Security was the best horse out there on Saturday. I think the vast majority of people would agree with that.

So, while I doubt West’s appeal will go in his favor, he has every right to be upset. Maximum Security deserved to win the Kentucky Derby.

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