NHLPA Releases Statement After Female Hockey Players Boycott Playing In North America

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The National Hockey League Players’ Association didn’t seem too worried in its reaction to a boycott from female players.

Female pro players recently announced a laughable boycott of the NWHL because they feel like they’re not paid enough and don’t have great benefits.

As for the league’s players’ association, they don’t seem overly concerned.

“The NHLPA is encouraged that the players are taking an active role in the future of women’s professional hockey. Their voice is important to ensure the continued growth of the game and their judgments need to be respected,” the NHLPA stated on Twitter. (RELATED: Pro Female Hockey Players Announce They Won’t Play In North America)

Would you like me to translate that for all of you? The NHLPA is pretty much saying they don’t care. They don’t have a plan, they probably don’t want to waste time building one and they couldn’t care less if these women don’t play in America.

Welcome to the harsh reality of sports. If people don’t care, then the money will never be there. That’s just the way it works, and I’m saying that as somebody who actually likes women’s hockey.

Outside of the Olympics, nobody is going to spend the money on women’s hockey to get players huge salaries. They’re just not. (RELATED: TV Ratings For The NBA Playoffs Down 19%, NHL Playoffs Up 1%)

I respect the hell out of Hilary Knight as a player, but this is a joke of a boycott. The statement from the NHLPA is so short that it’s laughable.


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Have fun playing overseas, ladies. The NHL isn’t going to come to a grinding halt because some ladies boycotted the only remaining professional league for them in North America.

If they want NHL compensation, then try to make an NHL roster. Otherwise, find a way to make money overseas because the market doesn’t exist right now in America.

These are the facts, and they’re not going to change just because people don’t like them.

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