ProFootballTalk Poll Reveals Majority Of People Want The NFL To Change The Overtime Rules

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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People want the NFL to change the overtime rules, and I couldn’t agree more.

The Twitter poll from ProFootballTalk asked, “The NFL may change the rules later this month to guarantee the team that kicks off to start OT gets a possession, even if the first drive ends in a TD. Do you agree?”

A staggering 53% voted yes, 21% voted yes for just the postseason and 26% of people voted to keep it the way it is.

Clearly, people want a change.

I’m all in on changing the rules. Change them immediately. The idea the first team with the ball can end the overtime by scoring a touchdown is absurd. It’s really stupid.

The NFL should embrace college rules. Pick a yard line, alternate possessions and then maybe even mandate two-point conversions after a certain point. (RELATED: Graham Mertz Leads Only Touchdown Drive During Wisconsin Practice, Addresses The Media Afterwards)

Anything would be better than what we already have. Again, college football is the gold standard when it comes overtime.

Just change the rules. Just change them. The NFL is a higher caliber of football, but college is king when it comes to excitement.

The overtime rules are part of the reason, and the pros should want to embrace the premium standard of excitement.

Roger Goodell just needs to trust me on this one. When it comes to the excitement factor of football, I know what’s best for everybody, and it looks like the majority of people agree.

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