REVIEW: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Excellent In New Episode ‘The Last Of The Starks’

Game of Thrones (Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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“Game of Thrones” was incredible in the fourth episode of the final season.


Wow! What an episode, and there were so many moving parts. There are a couple main points I want to shine a light on: First, the cat is out of the bag, and everybody is going to know Jon Snow is actually the rightful heir to the throne sooner than later. (RELATED: These Are The Sexiest Photos Of ‘Game Of Thrones‘ Star Emilia Clarke On The Internet)

Despite the fact Dany told him not to say a word about his Targaryen heritage, Bran and Jon inform Sansa and Arya about his claim to the throne after his two “sisters” express concerns about Daenerys. We also know Tyrion and Varys are in on the secret.

It won’t take long for word to spread, and it’ll show Dany that Jon directly disobeyed her. It’s clear to anybody watching the Starks have a serious problem with their queen, and they’re not going to lay down for anybody. Now that they know Jon is the one who should actually be on the throne, I think odds are high there could be a serious civil war coming soon.

Jamie also had himself an interesting episode, to say the least. First, he has sex with Brienne, which is something nobody asked for or wanted to see. Things only got crazier for him from there.

He grabbed his gear and is heading back to King’s Landing after declaring that every awful thing he’s ever done has been for Cersei. It looks like he’s going straight back to his sister, which doesn’t make a ton of sense. Why did he go all the way north to then just turn around and defend his terrible sibling?

Now, let’s dig into the final moments of the show. Tyrion and his crew get ambushed by Euron in epic fashion and have to run for their lives. Dany also loses a dragon. She’s only got one left, she’s got very few troops and Missandei has been taken hostage. (RELATED: The Battle Of Winterfell Was Epic In Latest ‘Game Of Thrones‘ Episode ‘The Long Night’)

In the closing moments of the show, Tyrion pleads with his sister to step down and relinquish her claim on the throne. If any of you thought she was going to surrender, you might want to think again.

She orders the Mountain to cut off Missandei’s head, and I think Daenerys and Grey Worm might single-handedly kill every single person in King’s Landing. It was a powerful moment, and one of the best scenes in Season 8 so far. Missandei was one of my favorite characters, and I hate to see her go. She was also one of the best smokes on the show. You hate to lose somebody like that. Hopefully, revenge comes fast and hard.

Next week is going to be lit, and I can’t wait to see what happens. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the latest “Game of Thrones” episode.

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