Katy Perry Gets Stuck On The Floor In Hilarious Video From The Met Gala After Party

(Credit: Youtube Screenshot / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTgl6d-zkig)

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Katy Perry may have had one of the most memorable looks for the 2019 Met Gala after party Monday night.

The “American Idol” judge showed to the Gucci Met Gala after party up wearing a complete hamburger outfit designed by Moschino, Page Six reported. The pop singer’s iconic outfit definitely took the Camp theme to the next level. Her hilarious costume had some disadvantages though.

At one point Perry is seen falling over in her huge hamburger costume on the dance floor and then gets stuck on the ground. She rolled around on the floor for a little bit before someone realized the singer couldn’t get up off the floor because her arms were inside the hamburger dress.

A group of partygoers then walked over and picked her back up. (RELATED: Katy Perry Chokes Up During ‘American Idol’ Hollywood Performance)

A witness was heard joking, “And she’s back up! That was part of her performance art.”

Perry shocked fans by showing up earlier in the night to the Met gala wearing an entire chandelier. I’m not sure why people were surprised that Perry went all out for this year’s theme. She’s spent her entire career doing playful and exaggerated looks.

I enjoyed all of Perry’s looks from the evening. It’s always refreshing to see a celebrity be unapologetically themselves.