Richard Sherman Says Nick Bosa’s Social Media Doesn’t Matter If He ‘Can Play’

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Nick Bosa’s San Francisco 49ers teammate Richard Sherman doesn’t sound too concerned about his old tweets.

Prior to the draft, where the 49ers took the Ohio State star second overall, Bosa purged his Twitter of old tweets supporting Donald Trump and against Colin Kaepernick. For reasons I’m not sure I fully understand, it just had to a big time story. Well, his teammates don’t seem too worried.


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Sherman said the following Monday in part, according to the Sacramento Bee:

One thing about football is that nobody really cares what you say if you can play. At the end of the day, I think a guy that has played with African Americans his whole life, not saying he can’t be racist, but they know how to maneuver around African Americans.

You know what? Sherman is 100% correct. Bosa being vocal isn’t a problem to begin with, and it’s damn sure not a problem when you’re a freak of nature star. (RELATED: 49ers Says Nick Bosa’s Old Tweets Didn’t Impact The Team’s Decision To Draft Him)

Bosa is an insane defensive end, and will likely tear up the NFL. At the end of the day, people only really care about whether or not you can play.

The young man can play with the best of them, and that’s what the 49ers want and need him to do.


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Everything outside of what happens on the field is just unnecessary noise. These are pros we’re talking about, and the rest of his 49ers teammates probably feel the exact same way as Sherman.

Bosa is geared up for success at the next level, and his support of Donald Trump won’t have any impact on his ability to sack the quarterback.

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