Blumenthal Is Ready To Lock Up Donald Trump Jr.: ‘He Has No Privilege’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal is ready to throw Donald Trump Jr. in jail if he refuses to testify again before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Blumenthal told reporters Thursday that the president’s son would be forced to comply with the subpoena or face serious consequences. “He has no privilege,” the Connecticut lawmaker stated. “Prison is the only answer.”

Blumenthal argued that Trump Jr. needed to return to Capitol Hill in order to clear up questions about his prior testimony and the information revealed in the Mueller report. (RELATED: Trump Puts Sen. Blumenthal On Blast With Stolen Valor Jab)

“Subpoena for Donald Trump Jr. is the right step, as I’ve urged, to explain his apparent lies in his Judiciary Committee appearance,” Blumenthal tweeted Thursday morning. “He told us he was only ‘peripherally aware’ of Moscow Trump Tower talks, when actually he was in the thick of it. His demeanor gave him away.”

The subpoena, issued by Republican North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr, has been publicly contested by a number of prominent Republicans.

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