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Afternoon Mirror: ‘Denise’ From Meghan McCain’s Wedding Reminds Everyone That People On Twitter ‘Bleed’ And ‘Cry’

By The Daily Caller.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Media coverage of the Starr report taught me what oral sex was, but go on ahead.”

Dara Lind, Vox, who was responding to Media Matters, which reported that “On Fox, Ken Starr complains that Mueller report has ‘too much detail’ and is ‘special counsel overkill.'”

Ex-Sen. Al Franken tries to be cute about comeback post boob photo 

“Since I left, I’ve had so many folks ask me to re-enter the fray. Well, check out The Al Franken Podcast by going to iTunes. Fray, here I am.” — Al Franken (D-Minn.), who resigned his Senate seat in 2017 after a picture surfaced of him fondling a woman’s breasts while she slept. He was also accused of grabbing three women’s asses and forcibly kissing a woman during rehearsal for a skit and later groping her. (RELATED: Mark Halperin Incessant, Annoying Apologizing Needs To Stop)

Media Matters fellow is so petty (deal with it, you almost have his name)

“Good morning to everyone except Florida congressman Matt Gaetz.” — Matthew Gertz, senior fellow, Media Matters, a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. Gertz is annoyed that he keeps being confused for the Republican congressman from Florida. His bio assures, “Definitely not the GOP congressman.”

Editor gets a root canal 

“I don’t ask for much, but prayers as I’m about to get a root canal. I’ve been neglecting my dental health for a few years because mental health isn’t cheap either and I’ve had to spend the past few years not trying to die.” — Curtis Houk, managing editor, NewsBusters.

On the White House tightening its ship on hard press passes 

“The White House Correspondents Association should not accept this authoritarian move. All reporters should simply boycott. No more treating Sarah Sanders, a serial liar, as a legitimate figure.” — Norm Orstein, resident scholar, American Enterprise Institute. (RELATED: Washington Post Reporter Blames Foot Surgeries On Why His White House Press Pass Was Revoked)

‘You were at my wedding, Denise,’ gives hearty shoutout to ex-boss Ben Domenech 

“We often forget that the people behind the words on a page are real. They bleed. They hurt. They cry. I have been humbled by everything that has happened. I just want to say that @domenech is a friend who has been kind to me on many occasions. I will stand in his corner.” — Denise McAllister, former contributor, The Federalist.

In other McAllister news, she wrote Wednesday, “I want to remind people that my husband who was called a wife abuser by hundreds of people over a joke about beer & basketball is not a public figure. I am. All attacks should be directed at me. If your spouse is also a public figure, these kinds of conflicts should be expected.”

And this: “I apologized to both [Ben] Shapiro and Domenech for my angry tweet, but I also explained that I did it because my husband had been attacked. I tried to give the context. It didn’t matter. I apologized directly to Yashar for my harsh words.”

The Backstory: Domenech fired McAllister in March after she got into a Twitter dustup with freelancer Yashar Ali, in which she insulted him for being gay after he questioned her subservient behavior toward her husband. In a fit of Twitter rage early Wednesday morning, Domenech ripped late night talk show host Seth Meyers with remarks about him “gargling” SNL‘s Lorne Michael‘s “balls” after he gave his wife, Meghan McCain, a hard time on his show. McAllister sympathized, knowing full well what can happen in a fit of anger. In McAllister’s case, she had previously insulted Domenech’s wife, calling her and the other women of “The View” a “roundtable of delusional mental midgets.” Both McAllister and Domenech apologized for their remarks. (RELATED: Meghan McCain’s Hubby Goes Off On Seth Meyers)

First World Problems: Mediaite editor is in Paris complaining about lime scooters

Journo promises just about anything…even sex 

The Mirror assumes he is joking. 

“This seems like a real deal & I will watch any film for that amount of money for 24 hours straight!! Whatever DVD you have! I will also do sex stuff if you need or want! Whatever! Whatever I can do to seal the deal. If that million is in escrow, I’ll watch and/or fuck anything.” —Ben Dreyfuss, editorial director, Mother Jones.


“My ectopic pregnancy was one of the most devastating and traumatic events of my life. I cannot fathom being forced to undergo medically impossible experimental surgery or face prosecution for having a life-saving procedure. This is dangerous and unacceptable.” — Leela Daou, activist, wife of Peter Daou.

Breitbart editor tells AOC not to drink out of her bidet

“I hope someone explained to@AOC that her new apartment’s bidet isn’t a drinking fountain. (Just teasing, AOC)” — Brandon Darby, Texas Bureau Chief, Breitbart News. Earlier this week, AOC was confused about having a garbage disposal and what it is used for.

Deep Thoughts With author Matt Haig 

“You can sound confident and have anxiety. You can look health and feel shit. You can speak in public and be a wreck. You can be  privileged and not mentally privileged. You can lift barbells and be weak. You can be a man and cry. You can have everything and feel nothing.”

Matt Haig, author of A Boy Called Christmas.

Journo Hate Mail 

Jennifer Bendery is a reporter for HuffPost

Gossip Roundup:

Blind Item: Which Washington bigwig shopped at a crystal store for something to a relative sleep? After stepping into the shop, two shelves mysteriously fell. Thankfully none of the precious stones were injured.

Ex-Access Hollywood host Billy Bush is back in the TV game. Here.

Accused of dancing around a pole, Stormy Daniels writes, “Funny. I didn’t do either of those things last night or at my other sold out gigs at comedy clubs where I was paid to…TALK. Guess you’re wrong.”

Former President Bill Clinton accuser Juanita Broaddrick weighs in on Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller: “NO DOUBT………This is the face of the DEVIL!!”


Spotted: Mark McKinnon, co-host of ‘The Circus’ at Reagan Airport

Just Asking Questions… 

“Is Amy Klobuchar kinda hot?” — Jesse Kelly, senior contributor, The Federalist. Sen. Klobuchar (D-Minn) appeared in a town hall event on Fox News Wednesday night.

Senator puts his son to work as his temporary spokesman 

“Where I’m at today: @SenTomCotton has enlisted his four year old son to tell me ‘no comment.'” — Seung Min Kim, White House correspondent, The Washington Post.

Trump complains about stage at Florida rally 

“Trump began his Panama City Beach, FL speech complaining about the slippery stage. And he’s back at it: ‘this is the worst damn stage that I’ve ever seen … stupid people did this one. Or brilliant. They may be the enemy…'” — Marc Caputo, Politico.

Guy Benson looks to HGTV for comfort 

“Under the weather all day. Very grateful to@chipgaines and @joannagaines for hours of delightful, wholesome programming while I convalesce. #FixerUpper.” —Guy Benson, Fox News contributor, political editor, Townhall.