Author Marianne Williamson Qualifies For Presidential Debate Through Donor Requirement Before 9 Politicians

Mike Brest Reporter
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Author and presidential candidate Marianne Williamson reportedly qualified for the first presidential debate on Thursday by meeting a donor requirement before nine other candidates.

The Democratic National Committee set up specific qualifications for candidates to participate in the two-day debate in Miami scheduled for the end of June, including one based on donors and another on polling. A candidate needs to earn at least 1% of the vote in three national or early primary state polls conducted by designated polls or by receiving donations from 65,000 unique donors including a minimum of 200 donors in at least 20 states. (RELATED: Here Are The 2020 Dems That Have Qualified For The First Presidential Debate)

Williamson reached the 65,000 vote threshold on Thursday, according to the New York Times’ Shane Goldmacher.

None of the following candidates have reached that threshold: Former Maryland Rep. John Delaney, New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, California Rep. Eric Swalwell, Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton, Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan and Miramar, Florida Mayor Wayne Messam.

2020 Democratic presidential candidates are seen in a combination of 21 file photos (L-R top row). REUTERS/Files

Comparatively, Williamson has not reached the polling metric having only reached 1% in one poll thus far, according to CNN.

Delaney, Gillibrand, Hickenlooper, Inslee, Ryan and Swalwell have all qualified via the polling despite having not reached the necessary donors marker.

Eleven candidates have reached both qualifications.

With 21 declared candidates and a couple others that haven’t formally declared, there will be at least one candidate left off the stage come June because the DNC set a maximum of 20 candidates for the debate. In the event more than 20 candidates end up qualifying for the debate, they will select those people based on a separate metric that would favor those who reach both thresholds.

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