The Best 7 Seconds MSNBC Ever Produced?

(MSNBC 5/10)

Mike Brest Reporter
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We here at The Daily Caller watch tons of cable news, mostly so you don’t have to, and we have to say today yielded perhaps the most prolific piece of TV MSNBC has ever produced.

This brilliance occurred just as MSNBC morning host Stephanie Ruhle was trying to kick the network over to Hallie Jackson.

Please enjoy: Seven seconds of dead air on MSNBC.


“That wraps us up this hour. I’m Stephanie Ruhle. I will see you again at 1:00p.m. And you can find me anytime on Twitter and Instragram. Coming up right now, more news—,” Ruhle stated, before the audio appeared to cut out and the feed went to awkward silence.

It looks like Ruhle began introduce Jackson, but it’s inaudible. (RELATED: MSNBC Reporter Caught By Surprise Rolling Her Eyes And Sticking Her Tongue Out)

Unaware that Ruhle gave Jackson her cue to begin speaking, Jackson can be seen talking to someone off set, but it could not be picked up by the mic. She then tapped her earpiece.

After a long, uninterrupted silence, the sound cuts back in, and practically an eternity later, Jackson finally began speaking.

“Stephanie, thank you. Good morning, I’m Hallie Jackson,” she began. “Following breaking news in Washington where right now, top negotiators for the U.S. and China are behind closed doors after that dramatic escalation in the trade war.”

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