There’s A Reason People Hate The Liberal Media

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On the Friday edition of the show, we get into the media meltdown over President Trump’s rally in the Florida panhandle.

We also discuss how Democrats, with the help of squishy Republicans, want another bite at the Donald Trump Jr.’s apple.

Plus, we interview author and columnist Michael Brendan Dougherty about his new book, “My Father Left Me Ireland: An American Son’s Search For Home.” It’s a fascinating look at a very personal story with universal themes.

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It was a joke, and everyone laughed. Well, everyone who wasn’t a liberal journalist, that is.

When President Donald Trump was talking about the invasion of illegal aliens across the southern border and how he would never allow Border Patrol to carry guns at a rally in Florida, someone yelled out, “Shoot them.” The crowd laughed, the president chuckled and responded with a joke of his own. It was clearly a joke. But the hyper-sensitive “woke police” with their press credentials immediately clutched their pearls and were outraged.

This joyless mob of stenographers for the political left condemned the president’s lack of condemnation, claiming it was a call to violence. This is how Trump won in 2016, and it’s what will help him in 2020 – liberals are so bound up with hate that they can’t take a joke. And if you can’t take a joke, you are a joke. We dissect the whole story and expose these people for the humorless haters they’ve become.

Donald Trump Jr. was subpoenaed by the Senate Intelligence Committee to testify, yet again, about what may be the most investigated hoax in history.

Why is it, after two years and $25 million, liberals still want more? They need to keep the story alive because the alternative would be to admit they’ve been lying to their voters for 2 years. Why Senator Richard Burr, Chairman of the committee and a Republican, would do the bidding of Democrats is another story. We get into all of it.

Then we talk with National Review Senior Writer and author Michael Brendan Dougherty about his new book, “My Father Left Me Ireland.” It’s not about politics; it’s a deeply personal story of a son raised with a father half-a-world away and how a culture was used to fill some of that void. It’s about how that separation impacted him, his mother and even his father as Dougherty became a father himself is a touching, sad and ultimately heartwarming story everyone can relate to.

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