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Washington Governor Inslee Signs Anti-Gun Bills

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NRA ILA Contributor
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On May 8th, Governor Jay Inslee signed into law a number of anti-gun bills that had been passed by the Legislature during the 2019 Legislative Session.

House Bill 1465, sponsored by Representative Roger Goodman (D-45), will require CPL holders to undergo a state background check on handgun purchases instead of the instant NICS check that is currently being conducted as a courtesy by the FBI.  Unfortunately, beginning July 1st, the FBI will no longer be conducting these courtesy NICS checks for CPL holders.

House Bill 1786, sponsored by Representative Laurie Jinkins (D-27), will expand firearm seizures to a wider range of protective orders with little to no due process, and in some cases, will remove a judge’s discretion as to whether to impose firearm restrictions upon respondents of protective orders.

Senate Bill 5027, sponsored by Senator David Frockt (D-46), will expand Washington’s existing Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO) by affirming that the ERPO can be issued against minors while also infringing upon the self-defense rights of law-abiding parents or others in the household without due process.

Senate Bill 5181, sponsored by Senator Kuderer, will suspend Second Amendment rights without due process for six months from individuals who are admitted for a 72-hour mental health evaluation, but who are not subsequently involuntarily committed.

Fortunately, Gov. Inslee did sign House Bill 1934 into law.  Sponsored by Representative Michelle Caldier (R-26), HB 1934 will allow military members who are stationed or assigned out-of-state to renew their CPL by mail.

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