Country Music Star Chris Stapleton And His Wife Welcome Baby Number 5

(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

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Country singer Chris Stapleton and his wife Morgane Stapleton welcomed their fifth child with an Instagram post on Sunday.

Morgane shared a photo of the baby and added a sweet caption Sunday.

“The most perfect Mother’s day … I wish all you [mamas] the happiest of days today!” the backup singer wrote. She happened to leave out the name, gender and day of birth.

Neither Chris or Morgane have commented on the new birth. The Stapleton’s are known for being a private family. In 2018, Chris opened up about his decision to keep his family life private to The Boot.

“I signed up for this. My children did not. I am a very private person, and in that respect, I keep my children out of it. They’re children, and they deserve the chance to be children,” he said. (RELATED: Country Music Star Chris Stapleton Appeared In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Battle Of Winterfell)

The country singing couple has four kids in total, but have only been open with the public about their twins, Macon and Samuel, born in April of 2018.

As for his and his wife’s life, Chris said they chose the fame.

“My wife comes out [in the public eye], and she’s an adult, so she can choose to do that,” Stapleton explained. “My children did not make that choice, and [talking about them in detail in public] is, for me, kind of off-limits.”