This Portable Power Station Saved The Day For Me And Now You Can Get It At 20 Percent Off

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Running out of battery for any of your devices sucks in such a digitally-connected age, but let’s face it sometimes running out of battery on all of them puts you in a real bind.

Fortunately, there is a way to always have your favorite devices charged whether it is in the case of an emergency or on  camping or beach trip.

I recently went on a vacation with family to Vermont and we stayed in a beautiful log cabin. The problem? Very limited electricity. This was fine for awhile, but eventually we needed to charge our phones and our computers (to watch movies we had downloaded) and got tired of being discounted from the outside world. Luckily, that’s when I remembered that I had recently gotten my hands on a Rockpals 300W Portable Power Station and that it was sitting in my car!

This power station can reliably charge most of your devices in the event of an emergency or for recreation, and in this case it made the rest of my vacation loads of fun and even let us look up nearby stuff to do.

The Rockpals 300Watt Portable Power Station helps you keep all your essential devices charged up and ready!

The Rockpals 300Watt Portable Power Station helps you keep all your essential devices charged up and ready!

With 30 day money back guarantee, and an 18-month warranty, Rockpals is dedicated to providing products you love

While I mostly had camping in mind for the power station, the box is also super helpful for calling emergency roadside services for help when your phone is completely out of battery, making it an essential item for both recreational use and for safety reasons.

While I got this Rockpals Power Station when it was retailing on sale for $299.90 (used to retail for $359.90), you can save even more when you use the coupon code POWER20 at checkout to save 20 percent. This means that meaning 300 watt energy storage can be yours for $60 off. So what are you waiting for? At this price, this lifesaver is an absolute steal!

If you like this power station, be sure to check out more Rockpals products now and find out how you can save up to $200 on your order

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