76ers To Retain Head Coach Brett Brown

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

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The Philadelphia 76ers will retain head coach Brett Brown, the team announced Tuesday.

The decision comes days after the 76ers suffered a heartbreaking game seven loss in the second round of the NBA playoffs to the Toronto Raptors at the hands of an improbable Kawhi Leonard buzzer-beater. (RELATED: Joel Embiid Embarrassingly Flops During Loss To The Raptors)

During a press conference Tuesday, Brown had a great quote about the job security (or lack there of) of NBA coaches.

“This is my sixth year in Philadelphia,” Brown said. “I have been fired every one of those years.”

Truer words have rarely been spoken. The NBA is a player’s league, and in many cases the coaches are just along for the ride. NBA teams change coaches more frequently than perhaps any other sport, but in this case, a change was not warranted. (RELATED: Los Angeles Lakers Hire Frank Vogel As The Team’s New Head Coach)

Brown stuck with the franchise through some historically bad years, and was arguably seconds away from taking the 76ers to its first conference finals since 2001. Without a doubt, Brown deserved to keep his job, and it’s nice to see an NBA franchise display some patience for once.

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