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Eric Swalwell Tweets About His Late-Night Peanut Butter Habit

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Presidential candidates desperately want to seem human. But in their quest to achieve the impossible, they often turn themselves into complete weirdos.

Take Beto O’Rourke‘s social media jaunt through a dentist appointment. Or his depressing soul-quest to find himself by way of Pancake Boulevard.

Or Rep. Eric Swalwell‘s (D-Calif.) Monday night tweeting about eating peanut butter.

MSNBC contributor Joyce Alene remarked, “Now you’ve made me hungry for peanut butter.”

Some of his other followers tried to explain to him that reduced fat peanut butter is worse for you than the real deal because it likely contains more sugar and other crap you don’t want. Many suggested buying natural peanut butter with “peanuts” being the main ingredient.

Others suggested switching completely to Nutella, peanut butter chocolate ice cream or almond butter.

Another asked, “Have you tried bourbon?”

Before he announced his 2020 candidacy, back in February Swalwell had another strange moment with the public when he tweeted about purposefully bypassing Trump Tower for coffee and opting for another café. (RELATED: Twitter Makes Eric Swalwell Pay For This Tweet)

“It’s snowing in New York. I need coffee,” he tweeted, posting a selfie with real snow in his hair.”The closest cafe is inside Trump Tower. This is me walking to an alternative.”

At the time, FiveThirtyEight‘s Nate Silver posted a map of the many many other coffee shops in the area.

The Daily Caller‘s Editorial Director Vince Coglianese helpfully asked, “Where will you possibly find coffee in New York City?”

Beto’s search for himself while jogging by corn fields didn’t entirely end well. He wound up on the cover of Vanity Fair as he announced his bid for the White House. In the process, however, he came off as a white privileged man who can do whatever he wants whenever he wants while he leaves the wife at home taking care of the kids. And now he’s so low in the polls that voters can barely find him. (RELATED: Beto Needs A Shrink)

Same with Swalwell, some 32,000 responses later to his coffee debacle, the congressman has not learned his lesson about the pitfalls of posting dumb late-night peanut butter confessionals on Twitter.