Investigating The Spygate Investigators

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On today’s show we get into the official launch of the DOJ investigation into how the bogus Russian collusion story and how the spying on the Trump campaign started. We also talk about how the liberal mob has claimed another scalp over bogus claims of racism, the tanking of Uber stock, and the stupidity of face tattoos.

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Attorney General William Barr has officially launched an investigation into how the spying on the Trump campaign started and Democrats are very upset. But, as they’re saying that, yet another round of testimony by Donald Trump Jr. is coming; if they have nothing to hide, what’s the problem?

The problem is obvious — the truth might be made public. U.S. Attorney in Connecticut John Durham has been tasked with the case. There are reasons to be happy and reasons to be cautious. We explain all of them.

The outrage police in Washington, DC, have claimed another scalp. The victim this time is an employee of the World Bank and author named Natasha Tynes who committed the “sin” of tweeting a complaint about an employee of the Washington, DC, subway system blatantly breaking the rules of the system. But that wasn’t what really set off the mob, the fact that the employee was a black woman was.

Tynes, who is a minority herself (she’s Jordanian-American), was accused of being a racist, even though the employee was clearly breaking the rules by eating on the subway. The local media, including the Washington Post, wrote up the story, defending the rule-breaking employee and smearing Tynes. Her book publisher, which was scheduled to release her book soon, dropped her over the backlash. Lost in all of this is the fact that liberals believe some people can’t follow rules and societal norms because of the color of their skin. As George W. Bush put it, it’s the “soft bigotry of low expectations.” Actually, for liberals, those low expectations have hardened. We get into all of it. (RELATED: DC Moves To Decriminalize Metro Fare Evasion)

Uber’s IPO was a bust; their stock is down significantly from its offering price. The problem is they’ve never made a profit and don’t seem to have a pathway to making one. It’s not unique to them. Are we on the verge of another tech bubble? We discuss.

Finally, face tattoo removal is a booming business because, well, face tattoos are stupid. Think before you ink.

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