REVIEW: Netflix’s New Series ‘The Society’ Is A Fascinating Look At Anarchy

The Society (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyZezqU0DOI)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Netflix may have successfully hit another home run with its new series, “The Society.”

I’d seen some positive reviews floating around the web about the new series from Netflix, and I gave it a shot last night. It was awesome by every single metric.

The plot is incredibly simple. A group of high school students in Connecticut get shipped out of town while their parents figure out how to deal with a potentially dangerous smell, they’re sent back, all the adults are gone, and they’re responsible for themselves.

It’s a more modern day take on “Lord of the Flies” with a bit of a supernatural twist. I’m only two-and-a-half episodes in, and I think I’m already hooked.

Naturally, most of the students don’t do anything other than party right away because they don’t really realize the severity of the situation. They think the parents have been evacuated instead of just disappearing. (RELATED: Watch The Latest Trailer For The New Netflix Series ‘The Society’)

Once it becomes clear the parents are coming back and the students can’t leave, trouble starts brewing pretty much instantly.

The town is split into two sides. There are the educated, smart people, and then there are the jocks — a group which is almost all entirely male.

Would you like to guess which one is trying to build a society and which one is pushing for anarchy? The smart people are trying to catalog food and set up a system and the athletes are mostly running wild. While the smart kids have more popular support, the jocks have at least one gun (currently held by a cop’s kid Campbell) and are more physically dominating.

Through two-and-a-half episodes, we’ve only seen a little violence, which occurred when there was a shortage of batteries at a hardware store. However, I can promise you it’s not the last.

There are a couple frustrating moments I’ve seen so far, but not nearly enough to detract from the overall greatness of the show. First off, there’s some idiotic talk about socialism and dumb stuff like that. However, I think they’ll ultimately realize the fallacies of that system before long, which would be a nice plot development.

Secondly — and much more importantly — in the event you actually realized you were cut off with nowhere to go and limited circumstances, anybody who knew what they were doing would immediately begin stockpiling weapons and food.

There’s been some food stockpiling, but again, we’ve only seen one firearm so far in “The Society.” That’s not nearly enough, and I’m guessing we’ll soon see many more when things really start falling apart.

Through what I’ve seen so far, I’ve loved it, and I’d encourage all of you to give it a shot. If you liked “Lord of the Flies,” then you’ll love this.

Chaos is inbound, and there’s no other way to really describe it.