Gabbard Defends Fringe Leaders’ Rights After Facebook Ban

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Mike Brest Reporter
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Democratic Hawaii Rep. and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard criticized Facebook for banning fringe leaders during her appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast Monday.

Facebook and Instagram banned Alex Jones and his outlet, Infowars; Milo Yiannopoulos; Paul Joseph Watson; Laura Loomer; Paul Nehlen; and Louis Farrakhan, earlier this month. They went as far as to label these individuals as “dangerous.”

“Let’s talk about free speech. There’s just been news recently about Facebook banning certain individuals from having Facebook accounts because of their speech. They disagree with the speech that they’re using or the things that they’re talking about, the ideas they’re pushing forward, unchecked, First Amendment rights going completely out the window,” Gabbard explained.

Rogan then explained, “The argument is they don’t apply because it’s a private company. Right?” (RELATED: Twitter Rules Louis Farrakhan Comparing Jewish People To Termites Doesn’t Violate Guidelines)

“Yes but they’re trying to get the best of both worlds. The fact that you know they’re claiming to say, ‘Hey this is a free space for open communication for everyone,” Gabbard responded. “While at the same time going and saying, ‘Actually you know Joe, I don’t like what you’re saying about this so we’re going to ban you and whoever your friends are from this conversation.'”

Gabbard is not the first 2020 Democratic candidate to take on Facebook; Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has as well. (RELATED: Elizabeth Warren Announces Plans To Break Up Facebook And Other Big Tech Companies) 

Warren unveiled a plan to impose new rules on tech companies with $25 billion or more in annual ad revenue, forcing various Silicon Valley companies to reduce their hold on online commerce.

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