Ronil Singh’s Widow Breaks Down As She Thanks Trump For Reaching Out

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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The widow of slain California police officer Cpl. Ronil Singh took the microphone at a fallen officers’ memorial service Wednesday at the White House.

Anamika Singh, carrying her 10-month-old son on her hip, had not planned to speak but changed her mind after listening to her brother-in-law, Reggie Singh, speak to the crowd. (RELATED: Canine Partner Of Murdered Officer Will Retire, Love With Singh’s Widow And Son)


President Donald Trump introduced the young widow, saying, “She said ‘no, no, I don’t want to speak. Actually, I do.’ I like that. I think it’s great.”

Noting that she had not properly thanked Trump in the office, she began, “I actually want to thank you personally, you’re the only one that actually reached out and gave your condolences to the family, and it actually means a lot to all of our law enforcement families that are here, for the sacrifice my husband and his brothers in blue and sisters in blue have given.”

“Every family sitting here wants justice for what happened to their loved ones,” she added. “And that’s what I want for my husband.”
Just before she spoke, Reggie Singh told the crowd that his family supported Trump, also noting that he had been the one to reach out when the family was suffering after Cpl. Singh’s death.
“I would like to thank every single law enforcement officer over here,” he said. “What you guys go through, I’ve heard stories from my brother. This man over here, the Singh family supports him. Whatever he is doing for law enforcement, we support him. His team at the White House has reached out to us multiple times, multiple times. I don’t think that has ever happened before ever. This man is amazing, and my family supports him. Thank you.”
The annual Peace Officers Memorial Service was held to mark the beginning of National Police Week.
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