Vast Majority Of America Is Cheering For The Blues And Bruins To Win The Stanley Cup

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Pretty much the entire nation wants the St. Louis Blues or Boston Bruins to win the Stanley Cup.

According to a study from using geotagged Twitter data, 41 states are cheering for one of those two teams. The Blues are drawing support from 22 states and the Bruins are getting support from 19. (RELATED: NHL Ref Takes Puck Straight To The Groin. The Video Will Twist Your Stomach)

The Hurricanes, who are down 0-3 to the Bruins in one of the conference finals series, have only the support of four states. The Sharks, who are 1-1 with the Blues, have the support of 5 states.

You can take a look at the full map below.

Stanley Cup Support Map (Credit:

Stanley Cup Support Map (Credit:

Can anybody explain why North Dakota is the only state in the entire Midwest cheering for the Bruins? The country from Texas to Montana to Wisconsin is awash in support for the Blues and then there’s just North Dakota holding out for the Bruins.

Leave it to those crazy dudes west of my home to buck the trends of everybody else. You also have to love how Arizona and New Mexico, two states on the opposite side of the country, are pulling for Boston.

What did St. Louis ever do to them?


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Honestly, I don’t care who wins at all. The Red Wings aren’t playing and all I want is a great set of games. What’ll be very interesting is what’ll happen if the Bruins sweep the Hurricanes.

They’ll have a bunch of time off to rest as they prepare for the winner of the Sharks/Blues. Resting up during playoff hockey is never a bad thing.


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Playoff hockey is an awesome and brutal display of athleticism. Taking a few extra days to heal up shouldn’t be overlooked.

Sound off in the comments with who you’re cheering for. My guess is we’ll get a Bruins/Blues Stanley Cup final, which judging from this map might cause a second civil war.