Check Out This Super Strong Umbrella That Holds Up In 70 Mph Winds

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Getting caught in a rainstorm can ruin your clothes and your day. Stay dry in any weather with the BLUNT Golf Umbrella. The aerodynamic umbrella is on sale for $119 in the Daily Caller shop today.

(Photo via Amazon)

(Photo via Amazon)

Get the BLUNT Golf Umbrella for just $119 in the Daily Caller Shop and expect it to last a lifetime!

The BLUNT Golf Umbrella is not your basic rain cover. A 57-inch rip-resistant polyester canopy will protect you from winds up to 70 mph. The umbrella features a fiberglass shaft and ergonomic sports handle, so it’s perfect for a rainy day at the golf course or a sunny day at the ballpark. With its innovative Radial Tensioning System, you can open and close the BLUNT Golf Umbrella with only one hand. Don’t worry about poking people on busy streets because, as the name suggests, the umbrella has blunt edges.

If you have a Tile tracking device, the BLUNT Golf Umbrella is GPS-ready. Instead of wasting hundreds of dollars buying replacement umbrellas, buy the BLUNT Golf Umbrella to last a lifetime. The umbrella is on sale for $119 in the Daily Caller shop right now.