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Hip Surgery Won’t Stop The 94-Year-Old Jimmy Carter From Teaching Sunday School

(Photo: Eddie Mullholland-WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Former President Jimmy Carter has his priorities straight: Hunting and teaching Sunday school (likely in that order).

On Monday, he broke his hip while turkey hunting. The incident required hip replacement surgery. But his first concern wasn’t the hip. More importantly, he was worried about getting his hunting time to roll over to 2020.

A shoddy hip isn’t going to slow him down. According to the AP, Carter plans to teach Sunday school this Sunday.

The facts of Carter’s have often defied reason. The 94-year-old human dynamo breezed through cancer in 2015. Scans showed that the disease had metastasized to his liver and brain. Seven months of treatment later, the scans were clean. (RELATED: Jimmy Carter Barrels Past George Bush As Longest Living Prez)

He has always been a Democrat who wears his born-again Christian faith on his sleeve.

He has spoken openly about his “personal relationship to Jesus Christ.”

In 2017, the NYT asked Carter if he struggles with his faith. He replied, “Yes, but eventually I decide what I believe, as an integral part of my existence and a guide for my life. This is based on what I consider to be the perfect life and example of Jesus.”

Prayer is an anchor in his life.

“I pray often during each day, and believe in the efficacy of prayer in both ways. In my weekly Bible lessons, I teach that our Creator God is available at any moment to any of us, for guidance, solace, forgiveness or to meet our other needs,” he told the NYT. “My general attitude is of thanksgiving and joy.

In 2018, he wrote Faith: A Journey For All.

Asked where he finds his optimism, he told Public Radio International, “I get it basically from my religious faith. So I think the ultimate fate of human beings is going to be favorable. We just have to have confidence in ourselves, confidence in others or faith in one another, and be resilient and forceful and let each one of us individually do what we know is right and fair. And there are principles that have guided us and guided all the great religions. So that’s why I have faith. I just have faith as a Christian and as others do in our religions.”

Like many politicians, Carter has flaws.

In the mid-70s he confessed this to Playboy Mag: “I’ve looked on a lot of women with lust,” he said. “I’ve committed adultery in my heart many times.”

Hopefully, he’ll leave this out of Sunday’s Bible lesson.