Black Caucus Member Invokes George Wallace To Defend Joe Biden

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William Davis Contributor
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A member of the Congressional Black Caucus defended Joe Biden Friday by invoking infamous segregationist and former Democratic Alabama Gov. George Wallace.

When asked about Biden’s past position supporting segregation of school busing, Democratic Virginia Rep. Bobby Scott brushed it off, saying that it was “40 years ago.”

“We’re not voting 40 years ago, we’re voting today,” Scott said during an appearance on TheHill TV. (RELATED: Woman Accusing Fairfax Of Sexual Assault Informed House Democrat In 2017)

Scott went on to say that Biden’s past position should be “considered” by voters but suggested it shouldn’t be a determinative factor, invoking the evolution of Wallace on race issues to defend Biden.

“You have to remember that George Wallace when he last ran for governor received 90% of the African American vote in Alabama,” Scott said. “That’s because he had changed his positions and looking forward they had more confidence in him than his opponent.”

“We have to look forward, not backward,” Scott concluded.

Wallace infamously exclaimed, “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever,” which became something of a slogan for opposers of the Civil Rights movement, during his 1963 inaugural speech in Montgomery, Alabama. He later repudiated his past views.

Wallace ran for governor for the fourth and final time in 1982 and was elected with roughly 90% of the African American vote.

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