Instagram Model Who Got Illegal Butt Injections Warns Others About Their Side Effects

(Credit: Youtube Screenshot / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5B3qkNL_dQw)

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An Instagram model has started to warn her followers about the dangers of illegal butt injections after her own butt fillers went terribly wrong.

Courtney Barnes, known as Ms. Miami, appeared on an episode of “Hooked On The Look,” published Tuesday, to talk about the dangers of illegal butt fillers. Barnes originally had her butt fillers done when she was 22 years old at “black market pumping parties.”

Now the Instagram model is 35 years old and dealing with the consequences of her 59-inch booty.

“I’m ready to look like the girl next door,” she said on the recent episode. “I’m tired of being a victim of bullying on social media just because of the way I look.” (RELATED: Instagram Model Has Doctor Declare Her Butt Is Actually Real) 

Plastic surgeon Gonzalo Mosquera told Barnes that she could have had much worse health complications from the illegal injections. Mosquera said many recipients of these injections of polymer later experience pain and can’t sit properly.

Barnes now uses her Instagram to educate her 824,000+ followers on the dangers of the fillers.

“Just because it looks good does not mean it’s healthy,” Barnes said. “And I just want to say don’t do it. Don’t do it!”

“I just want to get as many people as I can understanding what I went through, so they won’t go through it,” she added.