REPORT: NFL Quarterback Matt Barkley Wanted To Be Paid In Bitcoin

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Matt Barkley apparently wanted to get paid in Bitcoin.

Barkley reportedly asked the 49ers and Bengals to pay his contract money in Bitcoin, and both teams obviously refused.

Barkley seemed to confirm the report on Twitter when he tweeted about mining for Bitcoin.

I really have no idea why the hell Barkley wanted to get paid in Bitcoin. Sure, it used to be high, but it’s not exactly stable.

Imagine being an NFL general manager and having a player with a straight face demand to be paid in Bitcoin. (RELATED: A College Football Legend Just Inked A Two-Year Extension In The NFL)

If you want cryptocurrency, just take your NFL money and buy it yourself. The idea the team should do it for you is absurd.


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This is also such a USC/California bro thing to do. Everybody out here is just trying to get paid in cash, and Barkley, who was a star for the Trojans, wants Bitcoin.

What a hardo move. I kind of like Barkley as a player, but this is downright clownish.

Just take your money like everybody else and move forward. Don’t get fancy with it. Besides, why would you want to get paid in such an unstable currency?

It makes less than zero sense. For a guy who seems super smart, I’m not sure this would have been the best contract decision ever made.

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