Report: Motivational Speaker Tony Robbins Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

(Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Tony Robbins)

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Motivational speaker Tony Robbins has been accused of sexually harassing staff and fans.

The 59-year-old self-help guru allegedly has berated women who have come out as rape victims at his events, according to a report published Friday by Buzzfeed News. Robbins’ misconduct includes exposing himself to two staffers.

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Buzzfeed uncovered this information through leaked recordings, interviews with staff and fans, plus internal documents during a year-long investigation into Robbins. Former fans and staffers have both accused him of inappropriate sexual advances.

The investigation revealed that Robbins encouraged his bodyguards to search for women in the crowds and bring them to him. (RELATED: CBS Defends Decision To Renew ‘Bull’ Following Lead Actor’s Sexual Misconduct Case)

Four women who worked with Robbins between 1990 and 2000 told Buzzfeed they felt like they had been sexually harassed by the motivational speaker while they worked with him.

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One of the women, a former assistant, claims that Robbins had her take notes for him while he was in the shower.

“He would call you into the bathroom with him. ‘Hey come here, I need you to make a note of something,’” the former assistant told Buzzfeed. “He just didn’t care, he was too powerful.”

Robbins has denied any wrongdoing in a letter from his lawyers to Buzzfeed.

“To the extent that he may have been unclothed at various times in his home or in hotels when working while either dressing or showering, and whether a personal assistant may have been present for some reason at that time, Mr. Robbins has no recollection,” his lawyers wrote.