Lamar Odom Once Used A Fake Penis To Pass The Olympic Drug Test

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Former basketball player Lamar Odom revealed he once used a prosthetic penis to pass the Olympic drug test.

Odom opened up about his addiction to drugs in his new memoir, “Darkness To Light,” according to a report published Friday by People.

Odom was selected to be on the U.S. Men’s Olympic Basketball team in 2004. The catch was that he had to pass a drug test.

“The joy of being named to the twelve-man roster quickly turned to anxiety when Olympic officials informed me that I would have to pass a drug test before officially joining the team,” Odom wrote.

Odom revealed he had been smoking marijuana every day that summer leading up to the Olympics and knew he would be disqualified from competing. (RELATED: Lamar Odom Reveals He Regrets Cheating On Ex-Wife Khloé Kardashian)

“We started googling ‘fake penises’ and studied different ways to beat a drug test,” Odom added. “After an exhaustive search, we ordered a giant, rubber, black c**k to arrive the next day.”

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Odom used his trainer’s pee to fool the NBA official, and the official bought it, telling him, “Welcome to Team USA.”

I didn’t even know you could buy fake penises on the internet that you could fake pee out of. This is a terrible thing to do but is honestly a genius plan. Odom is a lot smarter than I thought he was.