Prepare Your Favorite Recipes With This Professional Mixing Bowl Set

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Baking and cooking are not as easy as they look. When it comes to preparing your favorite cookie recipe, you’ll quickly realize that it looks much easier on TV. What also makes a big difference is having the proper toolset. You’ll be much better off using the Epicurious® 5-Piece Mixing Bowl & Colander Set.

There are a few pieces of equipment that any aspiring chef must have. Besides a high-quality knife and pot, you’ll also want a convenient method of storing, preparing and cleaning your supplies. The Epicurious® 5-Piece Mixing Bowl & Colander Set fits this bill perfectly. This set includes three professional-grade mixing bowls and two colanders.

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Constructed out of non-reactive, non-corrosive stainless steel, the mixing bowls are the ideal location to prepare cake and cookie batter. These bowls also have non-slip bases for safer mixing. The colanders serve as excellent tools for straining pasta and washing fruit. Thanks to the footed base, the colanders prevent food from touching any surfaces.

Next time you attempt your hand at cooking, make sure you have the Epicurious® 5-Piece Mixing Bowl & Colander SetCurrently, 60% off, this set is yours for just $39!