Central Michigan Football Coach Jim McElwain Lives In A Barn

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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New Central Michigan football coach Jim McElwain lives in a barn just off campus.

Yes, you read that previous sentence correctly. The head coach of a division one football program isn’t balling out in some kind of mansion. He’s living in a barn.

According to ESPN, a donor to the program renovated a 6,000-square-foot barn for McElwain, who previously was the head coach at Florida, and his wife to live in. (RELATED: Clemson Football Coach Dabo Swinney Gets $93 Million Extension)

The large building serving as his home will allow CMU “to have recruiting abilities that really no one else has,” according to the donor Chuck McGuirk.


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If this isn’t the definition of a football guy move, then I truly have no idea what possibly is. The dude had a barn renovated so that he could have more space to host events for recruits and such.

You think winners have time to worry about luxury? Of course not. They’re too busy planning the next massive event to entice the best high school players on the planet to play for them.

A house isn’t going to help with that. A massive 6,000-square-foot barn will, though.


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I’ll tell you this much for sure, I damn well don’t want to recruit against a guy who dedicated his living situation to signing new players.

That’s the type of man who eats, sleeps and breathes football around the clock.

It looks like Jim McElwain and company might do some big things at CMU. At the very least, he’s got a unique recruiting strategy.