FBI Installed Panic Button Near Enes Kanter’s Bed After Death Threats

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Portland Trail Blazers star Enes Kanter sleeps every night with a panic button near him in case something goes down.

Kanter is an outspoken critic of Turkish strongman Recep Erdogan, and it has resulted in tons of death threats coming his way. He’s also not able to safely travel outside the United States because of the “red notice” put on him by Turkey, which could allow him to be detained in many places around the globe. Here in America, he has to be prepared at all times for a potential threat.

According to ESPN, the FBI installed a panic button next to Kanter’s bed after his move to Portland that can get law enforcement to his home “within minutes.”


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What a wild and scary situation. It really makes you thankful for the freedom we have here in America. Kanter speaks out against Erdogan’s rule, and now he has to keep a panic button courtesy of the FBI by his bed. (RELATED: Portland Trail Blazers Fan Chugs A Beer As Security Tries To Drag Him Out)

Imagine going to sleep every night and having to have a button for law enforcement to respond to a potential threat. That’s the kind of stress that would weigh insanely hard on your mind.

Despite all the threats against Kanter, I hope he doesn’t stop. Erdogan is no hero, and the fact his government tries to intimidate the Trail Blazers star is all the proof you need.


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Imagine what the U.S. government would do if somebody tried to take out Kanter on American soil. All hell would break loose.

It would be extremely bad, but luckily, it sounds like the FBI has this situation under control.

There could be a wicked good “30 for 30” someday on Kanter’s life and that would for sure be required viewing.

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