Majority Whip Clyburn Says Dems Would Vote ‘No’ On Impeachment

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Mike Brest Reporter
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House Majority Whip James Clyburn claimed Tuesday that a majority of the Democratic Party would vote against impeachment, during an interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd.

Clyburn’s comments came as impeachment talks have ramped up in recent days. Republican Michigan Rep. Justin Amash became the first GOP member of Congress to back impeachment last weekend. (RELATED: Justin Amash Takes It On The Chin From Conservatives After Impeachment Stand)


“If you did a secret ballot among the Democratic caucus, yes or no on impeachment, what would the majority likely be?” Todd asked.

Clyburn responded, “The majority would be no.”

“You believe that?” Todd followed up.

Clyburn answered:

Yes, I do. It’s not as big a majority today or yesterday as today. But a majority will be for staying steady, staying focused, stay on what we’re doing, because this thing is moving in our direction. We have just seen members or staff at the bank, Deutsche Bank, saying they saw irregularities taking place, and they’re all for us finding out about it. We know that Amash has broken ranks. He’s a Republican, irrespective of what you may think about it, he’s broken ranks. We have a court decision in our favor. That we did not have two days ago. And who knows what’s to come next. Let’s just stay steady, stay focused, this thing is moving in our direction. Let’s not get in its way.

“Why do you think Justin Amash is wrong about when he says he thinks it’s time to open an impeachment inquiry and that essentially perhaps crimes were committed?” Todd questioned.

“Well, time is a relative thing,” the congressman added. “It may be time, but not today. I think it’s time for us to stay focused on this issue, keep what we’re doing, keep doing it. And I think the American people are coming to the conclusion that this man thinks he’s above the law and they don’t like it. They know that he’s covering up something, and they want to find out what it is.”

Twenty-seven House members have come out in favor of pursuing impeachment, according to The Hill.

Further, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has actively tried to squash the calls for impeachment, was confronted by other Democrats in her office Monday, according to Politico. Rhode Island Rep. David Cicilline, Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin, Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen, and Colorado Rep. Joe Neguse, all of whom are in Democratic leadership roles, urged the Speaker to move forward on impeachment.

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