Nebraska Fans Get Triggered, Have Meltdown After Being Reminded They’re Not As Good As Wisconsin

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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My friends, Nebraska fans are triggered out of their minds right now, and I can’t help but laugh.

Earlier today, I simply pointed out some facts. Facts are things that aren’t up for debate. They’re facts. For example, when I say I’m having a burger for dinner, that’s a fact. It’s not up for debate. If I say America is the best country on the planet and all other countries suck, that’d also be a fact.

An opinion would be when somebody says I should stop drinking beer. That’s their opinion, it’s the wrong one but it’s still an opinion. Do we all understand the differences? Because the sweet lovable people in Nebraska apparently don’t.

Earlier today, I took the opportunity to remind everybody the idea that Nebraska is the team to beat in the Big Ten West is laughable. Again, this is a fact. The Big Ten West is Wisconsin territory. It’s not territory for Scott Frost’s players. This isn’t up for debate, and I politely pointed out the comparison between the Cornhuskers and Badgers since they left the Big 12 isn’t even close. (RELATED: Will Jack Coan Or Graham Mertz Start At Quarterback For The Wisconsin Badgers?)

The reactions were hardly rational at all. Instead of engaging in a fun debate and sticking to the facts, Nebraska melted down like a snowball on a Miami beach.

Finally, not sure if this is an insult or compliment. Is this dude trying to say I’m good looking? Hard to tell, but I’ll take it.

Listen up all you clowns. Today was your Super Bowl. For once in the past eight years, somebody gave your program some attention.

I almost regret doing it. I thought Nebraska was supposed to be a program full of prestige, honor and class. That’s what winners are all about. That’s what being a Wisconsin man is all about.

Apparently, I great overestimated you guys.


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While you guys are busy flipping out on me, my fellow Wisconsin people are preparing for another monster season, which is something Nebraska hasn’t done since joining the B1G.

If they ever figure it out, I’m sure they’ll let me know. They have so much potential and thick skin down in Lincoln!

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Let’s just see what happens when Nebraska and Wisconsin play November 16. I expect to hear nothing but crickets online when that glorious day rolls around.

Until then, Nebraska fans can think about their zero conference titles in the Big Ten and zero major bowl conferences in the past eight years.

There’s more than enough there to keep their minds running in circles for the next few months.

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