New Republican ‘Catalyst’ PAC Seeks A More Inclusive GOP

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A new conservative Political Action Committee (PAC) launched Monday night with the goal of creating a more inclusive Republican Party.

“Catalyst PAC” officially launched at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington, D.C., with big-name guests such as Republican Texas Rep. Will Hurd, as well as National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota and National Republican Congressional Committee head of recruitment Rep. Susan Brooks of Indiana. (RELATED: House Republicans Are Scrambling As November Approaches)

“We’re encouraged by the attention our effort has received thus far and we’re proud to be leading the way when it comes to supporting more diverse, Republican voices for Congress,” co-founder Rina Shah told The Daily Caller.

The goal of creating a more diverse Republican Party has long remained elusive, but the people behind Catalyst PAC believe there has never been a better time to promote conservative values to various different groups.

“There’s no better time than now for the launch of this new PAC,” Shah said. “For years, I’ve had conversations with Republicans around the country and across the ideological spectrum — about just what it means to support diverse voices in our Party. I’m delighted to be helping to lead this effort that’s walking that talk.”

The overarching goal of the PAC is to create a Republican Party that is “more representative of America” as a whole. (RELATED: New York State Added 250k Democrats, Only 10k Republicans In Last Year)

“I believe Catalyst PAC will help make the Republican Party more representative of America by supporting diverse candidates who believe in conservative values,” Steve Cortes, head of Hispanics for Trump 2016 and a CNN commentator told The Daily Caller. “The Republican Party and conservative movement must persuade diverse communities that the Democratic Party and Big Government advocates take them for granted and that we offer an alternative vision of real empowerment.”

Cortes said that Republicans need to recognize the urgency of expanding their base.

“The GOP cannot be comfortable merely finding voters and candidates in country clubs and rural areas,” he said. “Our vision empowers all Americans, from racial minorities to urban millennials.”

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