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Afternoon Mirror: Buttigieg Gets TMZ’d At Reagan Airport

By The Daily Caller

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“We’re all basically covered in poop and seem to be doing just fine.” 

Jamie Feldman, health writer for HuffPost, in a story about how dirty our credit cards and cash are.

Mood: “Pro-life men? You’re allowed to speak up. In fact, we’d like you to be even louder. Pay no attention to the ‘no uterus, no opinion’ crowd.” — Kimberly Ross, contributor, Washington Examiner.

Female media reporter opines on dating 

“Last summer I dated a guy for two more dates than I should have because he was really into interior decorating. just want what every man wants–enough money so that someone younger and more beautiful than me cooks me food and raises my children.” — Lyz Lenz, Columbia Journalism Review. (RELATED: Female Media Writer: ‘At Work, I Was Sobbing. After Dark I Was Fucking’)

Convo Between Two Journos

Buck Sexton, radio host: “Rule: if you’re American, you don’t ever get to refer to where you live as a ‘flat’ No, it doesn’t matter if you ‘just got back from London.’ It’s called an apartment. This is America. Be American.”

Raheem Kassam, Human Events: “Same with Brits who say ‘apartment.’ You live in a flat. No, it doesn’t matter if you ‘just got back from Chattanooga.'”

Reporter teaches daughter power through ‘Morning Joe’ 

“I like to tell my 5-year-old girl she can do anything. She was just shown that on @MorningJoe “Why do those two girls have the same necklace?” she asked. The two “girls:” @MikiSherrill and @RepHoulahan. The necklace: A House member’s pin on a chain. Powerful.” — Jonathan Allen, NBC News reporter.

Mika Brzezinski remarked, “Awesome.”

Justin Mash spreads anti-Trump message to schoolchildren on Capitol steps 

“Wow:  @justinamash is NOT backing down. He is now talking to a school group on steps of the Capitol about why Trump impeachment proceedings should begin. ‘Really dangerous for our country’ when ppl don’t tell the truth.” — Bo Erickson, CBS News, 2020 campaign reporter.

Journo drops instant pot on her foot 

“Last night I knocked my instant pot off the shelf (apparently it wasn’t sitting on there too well) and the whole thing fell on my foot. Just in case you’re wondering…heavy objects and bare feet don’t mix well.” — Beth Baumann, associate editor, Townhall.

Lawmaker calls for impeachment 

“We are now at the point where we must begin an impeachment inquiry. I don’t say that lightly. We’ve taken every step we can w/subpoenas and witnesses. Trump obstructs everything. A president who thinks he’s king, accountable to nobody & ,above the law is absolutely unacceptable.” — Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.).

Journo quasi hate mail 

“Tough customer! We’ll take it. Thanks for watching. See you tomorrow!” — Tony Doukoupil, co-host, “CBS This Morning,” which is going by #CTM on Twitter. He was responding to a viewer… who wrote, Well I hate #CTM whats wrong with CBS This Morning also I can do without all the yellow and blue but I like@ AnthonyMasonCBS and @tonydokoupil.”

Gossip Roundup 

An odd launch of Gayle King and those other two guys on “CBS This Morning.” Here. (RELATED: Despite Reports Of Gayle King Devouring Her, Norah O’Donnell Ends Up At Top Of CBS Heap)

Olivia Jade Giannulli wants USC to let her back in. Amid the admissions scandal, she’s allegedly begging. Here.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg gets TMZ’d Monday night at Reagan National Airport. Buttigieg handled the gossip site’s interview well and didn’t shun the camera following him around. DC paparazzo pro Colin Drummond, a TMZ producer, concluded his interview on a personal note, asking Buttigieg what he should send his son, who is in the Army. Buttigieg said he once traded chocolate chip cookie bars for an SUV but said it was a “longer story” than they had time for just then. Here.

Out Magazine is a hot mess. Freelancers aren’t getting paid. The EIC is threatening to resign. Here.

NYT media reporter  Michael Grynbaum writes that FNC viewers thought they were watching MSNBC. Here.

WaPo’s Erik Wemple shows up to Fox Nation summit pale and in mom jeans. Wemple claimed Tucker Carlson “lied about my work.” As if Wemple is a total stranger to that sort of thing. Please. Here.

Anderson Cooper makes goofy faces at Jeanine Pirro

Stormy Daniels assures hater she doesn’t want to be Trump’s COS

“Sorry. No way I can be quiet doing that. I’m vocal in bed because I’m not ashamed of my sexuality. Does that make you uncomfortable, pumpkin? Soooo sorry. And why the fuck would I want to be chief of staff?” — Stormy Daniels, the porn star who says she slept with Trump in 2006. She was responding to a follower who wrote, “Just keep spreading your legs and be quiet. Not like tou are going to be Chief of Staff any time soon. Well maybe chief of some staff…or staph.” (RELATED: DC Gentleman’s Club Says Stormy Is Welcome Back Anytime)

Rudy Giuliani plays show and tell

HUD Sec. Ben Carson looks like an idiot and C-SPAN is there to catch it