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Stormy Daniels Kicks Michael Cohen While He’s In Prison

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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America’s porn star Stormy Daniels got into a dust-up with Michael Cohen‘s attorney Lanny Davis on Monday night.

The topic?

Cohen’s so-called bravery.

Cohen, a former fixer and personal attorney for President Trump, is currently serving a three-year sentence in federal prison in Otisville, New York for campaign finance crimes and perjuring himself before Congress. (RELATED: Jack Abramoff Gives Michael Cohen Hints About Prison Life)

Daniels got her panties in a twist Monday evening after Davis spoke of his client’s bravery.

“We do not forget @MichaelCohen212 ⁦‪who is currently serving his sentence and away from his family and friends,” Davis tweeted solemnly. “Lets remind him we are grateful for his bravery, as he has been the only person to stand up and tell the truth in this entire matter – in contrast to @realDonald Trump.”

Davis suggested that people write to Cohen with prayers and goodwill. After all, he will have leisure time in what has been hailed by Forbes as one of the “cushiest” prisons in the U.S. CNN reported that the prison’s kitchen has various Jewish foods for Cohen to enjoy, such as matzo ball soup, gefilte fish and rugelach.

Former lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who spent six years in federal prison for bank fraud, bribery and tax evasion, said the notion that Cohen’s prison is something like a Sandals resort is way off base. “Nothing could be further from the truth,” he wrote in a recent op-ed for The Daily Caller, explaining that most of his cellmates were drug offenders, which he said will be the case for Cohen.

Abramoff’s first prison job was washing dishes. “Between the heat, steam, filth and noise, it’s not exactly a fun place to be,” he wrote.

Davis encouraged people to write Cohen with “kindness” and “prayers.”

“If you would like to send @MichaelCohen212 prayers and words of kindness you may write him letters of your well wishes,” he wrote. “Address: Michael D Cohen / REG # 86067-054 PO Box 1000 FCI Otisville – Federal Correctional Institute Otisville NY 100963-1000.”

Davis also linked tweeters to a GoFundMe page for Cohen’s legal expenses. It’s called the “Michael Cohen Truth Fund.” In three different tweets he wrote, casually, “#freeCohen.”

In one of the more ridiculous exchanges, a woman named Lynda McClellan wrote Davis an ominous note warning him, “Before long you will be criticized. Why are you trying so hard to protect @MichaelCohen212 at this time of the game? What do you have to tell the American people Lanny? What is it dude?”

Davis, the dude, replied, “Hey Ms. Dude. Read the facts. 1) Did you read Mueller Report? All of it? 2) Cohen 2-27 Testimony? And 3) Yesterday’s court decision crediting Cohen Testimony on Trump fraudulent financial statements as a basis to enforce congressional subpoenas against Trump Adm? I will bet not.”

Meanwhile, Stormy could contain herself no longer.

“Are you fucking kidding me!?” she asked on Twitter. “While I appreciate Cohen coming clean (eventually), he’s NOT the honest one in this story. He wouldn’t know bravery if it kicked him in the teeth. This is the most insulting thing I’ve read on Twitter which is saying a lot if you read my timeline.”

Late last week, Daniels reached a settlement in a lawsuit against Cohen and her ex-attorney Keith Davidson. Daniels maintains that Trump’s former personal attorney and her own ex-attorney created a $130K arrangement to prohibit her from chattering about her alleged affair with Trump.

Daniels has not been sheepish about discussing her alleged romp with Trump in 2006. In 2018, she tried to sue Trump in what was often described as a “hush money lawsuit,” but a judge knocked down her case in March.

The president has always denied having sexual relations with Daniels.