Planned Parenthood Leader Says Men Can Have Children, Tucker Begs To Differ

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson took issue on Tuesday with Planned Parenthood of New York City president Laura McQuade’s contention that “transgender men” can get pregnant.


During Tuesday night’s episode of his show, Tucker began his remarks on the subject by quoting McQuade at a Tuesday abortion rally.

“In the middle of an abortion rally today, Laura McQuade, who runs Planned Parenthood, made a remarkable claim,” Carlson said. “Restrictions on abortion she said are, quote: ‘Not just an attack on women, but an attack on anyone who can or might get pregnant, including transgender men and gender non-conforming people.'”

The Fox News host then launched into a defense of biology:

Got that? Laura McQuade, who runs Planned Parenthood, says that men can get pregnant. Huh? How does that work? NBC, a former news organization, ran a piece over the weekend making exactly the same claim, claiming a man delivered a baby. Keep in mind that no man in human history has ever done that. It seems like a big story. It seems like all of a sudden it’s happening everywhere. Men delivering babies. What has happened? Has biology been reordered? No. In fact, it’s still true. It will always be true that only women can bear children. What has changed is that the left has decided to impose its fantasy life on the rest of the country. To do that it must get the rest of us to lie about science. Amazingly most of our leaders appear happy to do that to go along with it. We are not going to go along with that, not because we begrudge other people their fantasies, but because reality is worth defending.

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