Democrats Rush To Impeach, Still Lack A Reason

Derek Hunter Contributor
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On today’s show, we discuss the rush to impeach President Donald Trump by Democrats in the House of Representatives.

Their biggest obstacle is not the votes; they have those. It’s the reason. Disliking the president is not grounds for impeachment, no matter how much liberals would like it to be.

We also talk about more liberal corruption, an attempt to smear Ben Carson that backfires spectacularly, Democrats who go to the extreme on abortion, a bipartisan push to raise the smoking age, and the fact that OJ Simpson is too busy to care that his number is to be used again.

The show is packed.

Listen to the show:

Democrats are rushing to impeach the president, in spite of the fact that there are no grounds for impeachment. They likely have the votes; they just lack the reason. They’re trying to spin tweets and alleged orders to fire Mueller that were never executed or followed up on as a reason to remove Trump.

But unlike attempted murder, there is no “attempted obstruction of justice” charge. Venting is not a crime. Plus, even if Trump had fired Mueller, he had the right as president to do it. So, Democrats are investigating in search of a crime, not investigating any crimes actually committed or alleged.

Meanwhile, one of their own — Congressman Elijah Cummings — is the subject of an ethics complaint alleging some serious money has changed hands from companies with business before Cummings’ committee and his wife. We explain it all.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson was on the Hill yesterday testifying before a House committee. One Democrat attempted to make Carson look like an ignorant fool by tossing around an acronym he was unfamiliar with. The only problem was: Democratic Ohio Rep. Joyce Beatty was questioning Carson about something that does not exist in HUD. The whole thing backfired hilariously. We have the audio.

As some states move to restrict abortion, Democrats running for president have chosen to go to the extreme in response. New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is calling for the repeal of the Hyde Amendment, which blocks federal tax dollars being used to pay for abortions. And California Rep. Eric Swalwell told a crowd that the choice to have kids was his wife’s alone, basically saying he would’ve been cool if she had decided to abort them instead. That’s going to make for some awkward family chats. We play the audio.

Congress is getting ready to raise the legal age to purchase tobacco products to 21, further infantilizing adults by declaring them too young to make decisions for themselves. Soon, people will be able to stay on their parent’s health insurance until they’re 26 and be unable to smoke or drink until they’re 21, yet some still advocate to lower the voting age to 16. Contradiction much?

Finally, the Buffalo Bills have assigned the number 32 to a new running back, marking the first time the number has been used by the team since OJ Simpson was setting records for the Bills. OJ is cool with is, saying he has too many other things happening in his life to be bothered by it. Maybe hunting for the “real killers” is taking up too much of his time? We get into all of it.

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