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Donald Trump Jr. Is Writing A Tell-All Positive Book About His Father’s White House

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Donald Trump Jr., the outspoken first son of President Donald Trump, is coming out with a book.

One could assume from the family’s wealth that Trump Jr., 41, might not settle for anything less than six figures. But that is not a certainty. “We don’t ever share anything about the details of a deal,” publicist Katie Broaddus told The Mirror.

The Mirror was assured that Trump Jr.’s tome will include personal details about his time in the White House.

“It’s really too soon to be specific along those lines … as we go along, we’ll know more specifics,” Broaddus remarked.

But how could Trump Jr. write a book that wasn’t juicy?

“Exactly,” Broaddus said, explaining that their idea of juicy and mine could be different.

Center Street, an imprint of Hachette Book Group’s Hachette Nashville division, is publishing the book. So far, the book is untitled and will be published later this year. It will involve Trump Jr.’s “perspectives” and a “wide range of political views.”

“In this book, I look forward to expressing my observations and opinions about this significant time in American history, the great achievements of my father’s administration, the great people across this country who support him, and those who oppose him,” Don Jr. said in a statement.

Attorney Tom Winters repped Jr. in negotiations.

Publisher Rolf Zettersten remarked, “We are very excited to be publishing Donald Trump, Jr., a powerful and engaging voice for Trump’s America and Americans. Not afraid to tell it like he sees it, Donald has millions of followers who respond to his message, and he promises to be a one-of-a-kind author.”

Trump has a consistency sharp tongue on Twitter, but it’s unclear if he will adopt this tone in his book. (RELATED: Trump Jr. Fires Back At Jim Comey Attacking AG Barr)

He’s also not shy about blasting the media, especially CNN. (RELATED: Trump Jr. Schools CNN’s Acosta In Reporting)

Some chapters we’d obviously like to see: 1. The details surround his divorce from Vanessa Kay Hayden, who was a model when the pair met, and his new relationship with ex-Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle. 2. The public’s reaction to him. 3. Has his relationship with his father changed since the White House? 4. What he was like when he attended two different boarding schools — the all-boys Buckley School and The Hill School in Pottstown, Pa. 5. The year between graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and his return to the Trump Organization. He spent the year in Aspen, where he was a bartender and ski bum and, get this, lived in a truck. 6. His relationship with Eric, Ivanka, Tiffany, Barron and first lady Melania Trump. (RELATED: Trump Jr.’s Instagram Is Fire)

Vanity Fair reporter Emily Jane Fox writes about Trump Jr. in her 2018 book, First Son. She writes that his college nickname was “Diaper Don.” Surely readers would love to hear about this from Jr.’s prospective. He has admitted to New York Mag that drinking in moderation was not his strength.

Social media has not been too kind to Don Jr. over the prospect of his new book.

Some proposed titles for his new book from obvious Trump family hater @Advocate0914:

How To Succeed As A Creep

Lying Made Easy

Slick Hair: 10 Tips for a Mafia Look

My Life As A Whiner

The Ultimate Story of Daddy Issues Forty-Something and Still Stupid

Another: “Love Me Daddy, The Donald Trump Junior Story.”

GOP media guy Rick Wilson, a #NeverTrumper, remarked that the book’s title will be: “Unfortunate Son.”

Molly Jong-Fast, who has been described as a “pro-abortion feminist,” is a contributor to The Bulwark, and had this idea for him:

“Ted Cruz Is More Likable Than I Am.”

At the moment, Trump Jr. is focused on dinging Hunter Biden for allegedly accepting Chinese money.

“Imagine the outrage if his last name was Trump and not Biden???” Trump Jr. tweeted Wednesday morning.