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Afternoon Mirror: HuffPost Reporter Says Her Name Was Confused For ‘Oreo’

By TheDC.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“I’ve definitely received my fair share of hate mail over the years. But the stuff I’ve gotten from Tulsi supporters in the past week is quite literally the worst I’ve ever received. It’s actually kind of impressive.” 

Sam Stein, The Daily Beast.

MOOD: “I just lashed out at somebody for no reason. Happy Wednesday!” — Pardes Seleh, formerly a writer for Mediaite and a scriptwriter for Fox News.

Journo apologizes for her clothing

“I only have one very light jacket that’s right for this weather and it’s very distinctive so please bear with me while I wear the same outfit every day for the next two weeks.” — Amanda Mull, staff writer, The Atlantic.

Reporter goes slightly whacky building a website 

“I’ve never hated WordPress until I started building a website tonight. All I need to know is why these bullshit grid plug ins aren’t making my featured images and headlines line up nice and neatly without ruining the entire site haha. I’ve watched six YouTube instructional videos and read the directions on two different plug ins and I’m still fucking this up.” — Cassandra Fairbanks, The Gateway Pundit.

Kamala Harris shits the bed on CNN ‘Mixed Tape’ interview 

She can’t even name three songs. 

“CNN: ‘On your mixtape what would be like your favorite 3 songs?’

HARRIS: ‘Let’s see… Aretha Franklin, I would say Bob Marley, and then, I don’t know, I love Cardi B.’

This is what happens when you force politicians to stray from their talking points.”

Jason Howerton, TheBlaze. (RELATED: CNN Panel Rips Kamala Harris For Deflecting Q’s)

Journo says her name has been confused for ‘Oreo’ 

This is reference to HUD Sec. Ben Carson not understanding what REO stood for in Tuesday’s hearing. After being mocked, he later ate Oreos as a snack. 

“Given today’s discussion, I feel obligated to share that if you are a small child called Ariel and you have a tendency to kind of mumble your name, at least once in your life someone will think you are called ‘Oreo,’ ask me how I know.” — Ariel Edwards-Levy, reporter, editor, HuffPost.

Writer wants to emulate a Jim Comey nature picture 

“Now that I’m near Lake Superior for a few days, I have the strong desire to take a James Comey-esque picture of me staring at the vastness alongside some quote about the meaning of life.” — Kimberly Ross, contributor, Washington Examiner.

Opinion writer beats up on Ohio Democrat Rep. Joyce Beatty, calls her an ‘idiot’ 

“She’s one of those useless government people who thinks it’s smart to use acronyms nobody has ever heard of and to talk to you like you’re stupid for not knowing obscure government offices. Such an idiot.” — Eddie Scarry, commentary writer, The Daily Caller.

Gossip Roundup 

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: The wife of GOP Mississippi state Rep. Doug McLeod locks herself in her room. The drunken lawmaker, who punched her in the face, then threatened to kill the family dog if she didn’t open the door. There is no excuse for this shit in 2019. Here.

Fallen “creepy porn lawyer” Michael Avenatti cries on “four separate occasions” to a Vanity Fair reporter. Yikes. So embarrassing! There’s also this: “I hardly think that I am the first person to have a batshit-crazy ex-spouse who overstates things to fit their financial demands.” Here. Side note: Avenatti once threatened a Daily Caller News Foundation reporter with a defamation lawsuit. (RELATED: Michael Avenatti Plays Rough With The Daily Caller)

Tamron Hall punches back at NBC for making her dirt offers: “Let me be clear, I have no ill will toward Megyn [Kelly],” she told NYPs Page Six. “They made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. And they made me an offer I could refuse. But afterward, after 25 years in the business, I felt some of the offers that were coming in were insulting.” Here.

If you haven’t considered… “dark mode” for your smart phone, maybe it’s time. Here.

See ABC Kelly Ripa‘s sons all grown up… Here.

Lawmakers go after… HUD Sec. Ben Carson with acronyms. A story by’s Alex Pappas lays it all out. Here.