Meghan McCain: Instead Of Working For Trump, Ben Carson Should’ve Helped People With Cancer Like My Dad

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Meghan McCain said HUD Secretary Ben Carson should have helped people with brain cancer instead of working for President Donald Trump.

The comments came Wednesday during a panel discussion on “The View” about Carson’s comments Tuesday during a House Financial Services Committee hearing after Democratic California Rep. Katie Porter asked him to explain the gap in REO rates and he responded “OREO.” (RELATED: Joy Behar: Female Trump Voters Don’t Know The Difference Between A Predator And A Protector)

Whoopi Goldberg said Carson just needs to “get out of there” and “get out of H.U.D.”

“You’re a great surgeon. You’re a magnificent surgeon,” Goldberg explained. “I know this because Sunny [Hostin] told me, her husband. You need to get out of H.U.D. Get out of there. The housing is bad.”

“Ben [Carson], you’re not in the right place,” Sunny Hostin replied. “Because he’s saying things like, you know — he said he’s trying to come up with a better more efficient way so that he doesn’t leave people in a situation where they become dependent.These are people that need his help. These are people that need him. And he’s turning his back on them.”

“So, when you guys were talking about what a brilliant surgeon he was, he’s a pioneer in every way,” Meghan McCain, who rarely is shy about her thoughts, interjected. “One of the things that he had been working on was developing new methods to treat brain cell tumors and was revitalizing techniques to control seizures. And for me…what’s really difficult for me is my dad had glioblastoma, stage four, which is an extremely deadly form of brain cancer.” (RELATED: Meghan McCain Blasts Hollywood ‘Sex Strike’ For Telling Women To ‘Use Their Bodies As Bargaining Chips’)

Meghan McCain attends the 2015 Trevor Project NextGen Fall Fete on November 13, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images)

Meghan McCain attends the 2015 Trevor Project NextGen Fall Fete on November 13, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images)

“And for me when you have this gift where you could be helping families like mine to maybe sustain life, to help brain tumors, I don’t understand when you have a gift like that why you’re doing this,” she added. “I think he’s a genius doctor. I would prefer his talent be gone to helping brain tumors.”

“That’s the thing,” Hostin shared. “He’s in a position now where he could help families like mine who lived in the projects and he’s not doing it. I don’t understand why he’s not.”

Goldberg told her co-host that “it’s not that he could help it” and suggested that what he could do was to “stop trying to evict people who are here legally living with families who haven’t become citizens yet.”

“He’s also under the influence of Donald Svengali who has already created this cult of mentally crazy people,” Joy Behar added. “I mean everybody who believes Donald Trump has to look a little closer.”

McCain then suggested that things like “politics, power” and “celebrity is incredibly seductive” even for someone like Carson.

“It’s a reductive way to have a conversation about something that’s very serious,” McCain said. “And I think that’s why it’s evoking so much emotional reaction from people. You’re making fun of lower-income housing issues by using Oreos and sending Oreos and tweeting it to the woman who asked the question. It reduces the conversation.”


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