NFL Won’t Implement Proposed Overtime Rule Changes

(Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The NFL won’t be changing the league’s overtime rules for the upcoming season.

According to Ben Volin, the proposed rule from the Chiefs to give each team a guaranteed possession in overtime didn’t advance at the owner’s meeting Wednesday morning. Right now, the game ends if the first team with the ball scores a touchdown.

Just when I thought the NFL might actually do something super smart, here we are with more disappointment.

Why wouldn’t the league embrace giving each team a possession? Do they hate competition? Do they hate freedom? (RELATED: NFL Will Consider Changing Overtime Rules)

The NFL has a higher level of play than college football, but there’s no doubt college football is king when it comes to overtime rules. Each team gets a possession from the 25-yard line and they just alternate until somebody wins.

That’s the kind of suspense and action we crave.

The overtime rules in the NFL are trash. They’re awful. The idea that both teams shouldn’t get a guaranteed possession is absurd.

It’s downright anti-American.

I wanted to believe the NFL might do the right thing here and come more in line with college football overtime rules. I wanted to believe the league might have goodness in its soul.

Instead, we’re sitting here swimming in disappointment on this fine Wednesday morning. What a joke of a situation.

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