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GOP Senator To House Democrats: ‘Urinate Or Get Off The Pot’

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) certainly has a way with words.

During an appearance on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily” with Chuck Todd late Wednesday afternoon, Kennedy went off on Democrats who are griping about impeaching President Trump due to the findings of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller‘s report.

In his familiar southern twang, Kennedy, 67, spat on Democrats and their constant refrain of threats to impeach Trump:

“It could be he’s just frustrated,” Kennedy said. “And I understand why he’s frustrated. Um, I think that some, I don’t want to speak with too broad a brush, but some members of the House leadership, they’re just toying him. I meant what I said. They need to urinate or get off the pot. Go ahead and impeach him if you think he deserves to be impeached. He won’t be convicted in the Senate. But, but stop toying him.”

It’s not likely that Kennedy learned to talk like that while studying civil law at Oxford in the late 70s. Or earlier at Vanderbilt and UVA.

At various points Todd tried to interrupt the senator, but he wasn’t having it.

Kennedy went on to give an example. He says the House Ways and Means Chairman — which he didn’t name, but it’s Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.) — says he needs to see Trump’s tax returns because it’ll help him evaluate how the IRS conducts audits.

“Right. And Jimmy Hoffa died of natural causes. No one believes that.”

Kennedy said he was just as critical of his Republican friends in the Senate — that they need to bring some of those bills to the floor and get some work done.

Just before 7 p.m. Wednesday, Kennedy had one more thing to say to Democrats.

“I hope that members of the House leadership & the administration will sit down & talk,” he tweeted. “Not talk like 8-year-olds in the back of a minivan fighting, but talk constructively about how their behavior could impact important institutions in this country. Then we can all move on.”

(Um, 8-year-olds fighting in a minivan?)

Hopefully Kennedy can provide Democrats with enough toilets so they can take his advice sitting down.