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Afternoon Mirror: BuzzFeed Has Pickle Problems

By The Daily Caller

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“When you got poop all over your feet you don’t walk on a white rug.” 

Whoopi Goldberg on ABC’s “The View” on Thursday’s show discussing attorney Michael Avenatti‘s fall from grace. Avenatti was indicted Wednesday on charges of defrauding his former client, porn star Stormy Daniels.

MOOD: “The presidency is not just a policy position, it’s a moral position.” — Mayor Pete Buttigieg in a conversation with The Washington Post‘s Robert Costa Thursday morning.

BuzzFeed has pickle issues

SPOTTED: AG William Barr at Trump Hotel 

“Spotted at the Trump Hotel while Pres is here downstairs —> AG Bill Barr who is currently upstairs at the restaurant.” — Katherine Faulders, White House and Capitol Hill reporter, ABC News.

Journo Love

“Shout out to @MaeveReston who became the first person ever to borrow a pen, walk away with it and then come back the next day to return it (with interest, as I received another pen as a bonus!).” — Kyle Feldscher, PM breaking news editor, CNN Politics.


“Occasionally I have to remind myself that Ben Carson is not just a neurosurgeon but one of the world’s most accomplished neurosurgeons.” — Josh Barro, New York Mag.

White House reporter deletes obscene-sounding tweet 

“Deleted a tweet because a typo made it look as if I was implying something obscene.” — Andrew Feinberg, Breakfast Media White House reporter.

The Observer

“The plotline for this Humira ad: Indie rocker can’t poop and it’s fucking up her band’s career. She takes Humira, and can poop again! The band then becomes more popular.” — Colby Hall, editor, Mediaite.

Pundit’s advice to media: Starve Kellyanne Conway 

“Each time Kellyanne crosses the lawn to stand in front of the cameras, every reporter should turn off. She has no job description, no accountability, no credibility and no influence. She craves the spotlight. Media can starve her — and should. Treat her as a random bystander.” — Cheri Jacobus, TV pundit, anti-Trumper, former GOP PR consultant.

Journo once punched a brick wall in college to get a doctor’s note

“As a college freshman I was told if I missed one more class, I’d fail. I missed the next one. Wrote email saying ‘sorry I was in bike accident” & prof said “ok bring doctor’s note.’ I punched a brick wall until my hand was hurt enough to get the medical center to put it in a cast. The funniest part of this was that the doctors could tell what I’d done–or a least that I hadn’t hurt my hand in a bike accident—& they thought I was trying to get pain killers and were like “we can’t prescribe you anything” & I was like ‘oh that’s fine I really just need a note.'”

Gossip Roundup

Ex-NBCer Megyn Kelly is overheard saying she’s happy not being on TV. Here. So is that total b.s.? Why is this source — “someone close to her” — saying differently? Here.

One lucky duck… “Sure she tortures me. Sure she humiliates me. Sure she jumps out and scares me on a daily basis. But – she’s also given me the job of a lifetime.” — Andy Lassner, executive producer, The Ellen Show. Ellen just signed a contract to renew her show until 2022.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) defends Trump: “I disagree with what the House of Representatives is doing. I thought Mueller was the Final Word. I can understand how the president feels – It’s. Never. Enough.” (RELATED: Senator Tells Dems To ‘Urinate Or Get Off The Pot) 

Journo Hate Mail: Reader Says My Story ‘Reeks’ 

(He’s referring to my aforementioned story on Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.).

“The senator from LA. is correct- the dumbocrats are cry babies. Your article reeks of the self aggrandizement we in flyover country despise in you do [sic] called ‘journalists.’ You spoiled whiners feel the need to give your liberal opinions in what should be news not commentary. Jim Acosta is a wimp.” — “Don” who signed off like this: “MAGA baby. TRUMP 2020”

Nudest blogger poses for pics in sacred Colombian lagoon. Here.

Photogs In The Rose Garden: By Fox News’s John Roberts

Ahh…Avenatti memories: He tells a journo her story is ‘garbage’

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