Howard Stern Claims Trump Might Have Offered Him A Supreme Court Seat In Exchange For Endorsement

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Mike Brest Reporter
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Radio host Howard Stern said Thursday on CNN that he believes President Donald Trump would have offered him a seat on the Supreme Court, had he endorsed him as a candidate.


“He used to call me from the campaign trail and I think he was really desirous of my endorsement because A) I have a big audience and B) he’s familiar with that audience and I think it would have been very comforting to him if I had gotten on board. So when he secured the nomination and now he was thinking about the convention, I think he wanted some show biz there. He picked up the phone and called me personally,” Stern stated.

The radio host continued, “He asked me if I would go to the Republican convention and endorse him and I was like oh, gosh. For about a split second, I thought, could you imagine if I was all in. I would be the head of the FCC. I could be on the Supreme Court. I think Donald would give me anything I asked.”

At another point during the interview with Anderson Cooper, Stern called Trump’s campaign “a publicity stunt.” (RELATED: Howard Stern To Trump: ‘Get The F–k Out,’ Let Pence Take Over)

Last May, Stern revealed that particular anecdote about Trump inviting him to the Republican National Convention. Stern said he turned down Trump’s offer and was forced to tell him, “I’m a Hillary Clinton supporter — always have been,” he said in a conversation with David Letterman.

Trump frequently tweeted about Stern’s radio show, but hasn’t since he became president.

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