Meghan McCain Believes Stormy Daniels Deserves An Apology

(Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for Netflix)

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“The View” host Meghan McCain admitted the media owes Stormy Daniels an apology after the Justice Department indicted the porn star’s lawyer for defrauding her.

McCain blamed herself and the media for the amount of attention they gave to Avenatti, according to a report published Thursday by Fox News.

“I think all of us in the media — he was on CNN like 211 times — we owe Stormy Daniels an apology,” McCain said.

“What this woman has been put through — she has had lawyer after lawyer take advantage of her, men take advantage of her. Her story is still very valid,” she said. (RELATED: Whoopi Goldberg Reveals She Had 30% Chance Of Dying From Pneumonia Scare)

Co-host Joy Behar responded by asking, “I’m not clear, why do I owe her an apology?”

McCain claimed they owed Daniels an apology for propping up a fraud.

“Let’s go from here, this was her lawyer. So, she was fooled, the show was fooled … and the bottom line in all of this is you don’t know till you know,” Whoopi Goldberg added.

The Media Research Center reported Avenatti appeared on CNN 121 times, 108 times on MSNBC and 24 times on broadcast news, according to the Fox News report. The Washington Free Beacon also reported Avenatti received roughly $175 million in free media from CNN and MSNBC combined.