St. Thomas Gets Kicked Out Of The MIAC For Being Too Good At Football

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Division III football powerhouse St. Thomas has been removed from the MIAC for apparently being too good at the sport.

According to Yahoo Sports, the team’s incredible success at football “rubbed” other teams the wrong way, and now they’ve been given the boot from the conference.

The conference stated the following in a Tuesday release:

After extensive membership discussions, the University of St. Thomas will be involuntarily removed from membership in the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC). The MIAC Presidents’ Council cites athletic competitive parity in the conference as a primary concern. St. Thomas will begin a multi-year transition immediately and meanwhile is eligible to compete as a full member of the MIAC through the end of spring 2021.

St. Thomas is one of seven founding members of the MIAC and will leave the conference in good standing with a long and appreciated history of academic and athletic success.

I thought this was a joke when I first saw this article from Yahoo Sports. According to the initial report from them, St. Thomas has won 118 games over the past 11 years. That’s just under 11 a year on average. Only winning 11 games a year might put Nick Saban on the hot seat. (RELATED: Nebraska Fans Get Triggered, Have Meltdown After Being Reminded They’re Not As Good As Wisconsin)

In Minnesota, the same kind of performance is apparently so elite it gets you thrown out of your conference. I thought this was America. Don’t we celebrate success in this country? Don’t we let the best rise to the top?


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I’d be ashamed to show my face in public if I voted to kick a team out of a conference for being too good. That’s about as anti-American as it gets. A suggestion like that sounds like it’s coming right out of Stalin’s communist loving mouth.

The wildest part is St. Thomas has never won a national title! Sure, they’re a very good team, but they don’t even hang banners.

Yet, they’re not good enough for a conference in Minnesota? What an absurd joke. Football apparently just isn’t what it used to be.

Everybody who voted to boot St. Thomas for their great success should be banned from football for life. That kind of loser attitude isn’t what the glorious sport or this country is all about.

Our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves right now. Despicable on every level.

Pray for the soul of this nation because we’re clearly headed down a dark path when success gets punished.

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