EXCLUSIVE: Tucker Carlson’s One Piece Of Advice For All Journalists

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson sat down for an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller’s Vince Coglianese, and he gave a key piece of advice to journalists both young and old.

Carlson explained that today’s journalists need to “just shut up and listen” to people with views different from their own.

“Now that I’m older, and I have a job where I can’t stop talking, I need to remind myself to shut up and listen,” he explained. “Be quiet. Listen to people talk.”

Carlson elaborated that it’s “a problem that accelerates with age, where people can’t stop talking and fall in love with their own voice and they become bores.” (RELATED: Tucker Carlson Lays Blame On Corrupt Elites)

“They don’t hear anything,” he continued. “They’re not interested in other people.”

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