Kurt Schlichter Tells Tucker What Liberals Are About To Ban Next

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Townhall senior columnist Kurt Schlichter appeared on Friday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to discuss a few things the left is likely to prohibit next.

Schlichter’s conversation with Fox News host Tucker Carlson came as Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez condemned cauliflower as a “symbol of colonialism.”


“Oh, everything, ban all the things, Tucker,” Schlichter said, responding to Carlson’s question about what’s on their list. “Let’s start with pets. They’ll want to ban pets. Have you checked your pet privilege? Look, if cauliflower can be colonialist, can’t your retriever be racist?”

“If they start coming for people’s dogs, I think you could have gun play at that point,” Tucker responded. “People are going to be overwhelmed. That might be overreach.”

“Oh, you will pry my fat Corgi out of my cold dead hands as I lie bleeding on a pile of smoking brass,” Schlichter joked before analyzing the root behind the Left’s propensity to go after so many things Americans enjoy.

When it’s important to us. When it is something that matters to us, that’s what is the most fun to take away. Because the exercise of power isn’t about making a better society. Take a look at America over the last 20 years. How did Iraq work out? The collapse on Wall Street. ObamaCare. Failure after failure. It’s not succeeding by leading. It’s the joy of exercising power over people you feel are your inferiors.

Schlichter also reasoned that hunting was a target for banning “because our coastal, urban elites can boss around a bunch of people they think are knuckle-dragging Jesus gun people.” (RELATED: Political Correctness Is Fascism)

To the Townhall columnist and retired Army colonel, leftists don’t like religion “because they hate blasphemy,” because “their religion is themselves.”

After explaining why conservatives would eventually be banned, Schlichter offered a solution: “I will think, say and do whatever I damn well please and there is not a thing you liberal elitists can do about it.”

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